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Posted by Libby on November 22, 19100 at 17:33:42 :

I am in the planning stages of starting my own catering business. I am mostly self-taught but attend workshops, demonstrations and lectures whenever I can. I have worked in the hospitality industry for several years (including catering). I have a passion for entertaining and a head for business. Although I (as an individual) have already catered quite a few events in the recent past (some as large as 250 people), I am not prepare to face the potential liability if something should go wrong and therefore am in the process of looking for a licensed commercial kitchen space, proper permits, insurance, etc. I have made many contacts and met many potential clients who ask to see menus or price lists (which I don't of course have yet, since I haven't officially started). I always would tell them that there aren't any set/hourly rates and that the price would reflect the number of people and type of food served. My question is about initial marketing. Should I come up with several example menus and prices? Or just do proposals on an individual basis? Any input from industry pros would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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