Re: Starting Catering business from home?

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Posted by Sam Sears, CEC on December 28, 19100 at 18:46:16 :

In Reply to: Starting Catering business from home? posted by Robin on December 28, 19100 at 14:48:14 :

: I am Planning to start my catering Business In January of this year
: I I do have Catering experience and I want to do this at home.
: I love Cooking I enjoy making Cobblers for my Friends and Family
: What I need to know Is what are the things I need to start because
: I plain on selling Cobblers and Delivering them. I need to know
: what licenses I need (Im in California) the Supplies etc. if
: you can get back to me at the above email address I would appreciate
: it

Dear Robin,
I'm sure you are not going to want to hear this, but in my locale (and I've heard that California is very stringent in this regard), if you are going to prepare food for wholesale or retail sale to the public (general or private) you must prepare that food in an approved & inspected food service facility, and in most areas, that facility cannot be in a private residence, single family or other.....your facility in most areas must be approved by the zoning & planning board, fire protection department, plumbing & electrical inspectors & the enviromental health inspector (health depart) for the exact requirments for your venture, contact the agency that inspects food service outlets,,,, without the proper licensing & inspection, insurance coverage (that is in force) will be impossible to secure & guarantee coverage,,,so without that licensure you are opening yourself & family up to major financial liabilities.....feel free to email me directly if you have further questions,,,,sam sears, cec

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