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Posted by Susan on January 03, 19101 at 00:00:24 :

In Reply to: Sounds cheap. posted by Carl on November 30, 19100 at 23:12:22 :

: : I am starting a wholesale baking company in DC. WE FINALY found a kitchen to rent, since use of a 'home kitchen' is not an option. Does $25/hour sound high? I am guessing that for the first couple of months we will be using her facilities for 10-20 hours per week.

: : Thank you,
: : Doron

: Depending upon the location and the quality of the facility, it sounds very reasonable. Expect to pay about $50.00 elsewhere!

I am in the San Francisco bay area and I pay $20 per hour which I consider too much. If you can't find any other location, take it, but I would continue to look for a less expensive space

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