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Posted by Jolly's Catering on February 14, 19101 at 00:39:56 :

In Reply to: Finger Foods posted by Frankie on January 18, 19101 at 17:44:53 :

I get long french bread loaf,cut it into small slices, about 1/3 inch thick, brush both sides with olive oil,toast it, and make up toppings for it, and it goes a long way. Toppings: Roma tomato, Fetta cheese, and fresh baisl...or saute portabella mushrooms, and top with asiago cheese....or mix cream cheese and spring onion spread on top, and top with smoked salmon and capers....or roast some bell peppers and mix with a little olive oil and put on top. These go along way and how much is a french bread loaf? 2.00$
I also make Chicken bits: get a good chicken filling recipe, and spread it in puff pasty and roll it up and freeze the "Logs" and whip them out , slice them up, and bake them, and you are good to go. hope this helps...

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