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Posted by Lisa Teiger on May 02, 19101 at 22:31:06 :

In Reply to: Re: Bagel Slicing posted by sam sears, cec on May 01, 19101 at 21:19:10 :

: : Please settle an argument between my sister and myself. We run a function hall/catering service and differ as to the proper way to cut a bagel for a buffet? I'm sure I'll get different answers, but, I'll take all the ones you have. Anyone?

: : Thanks

: we slice the bagels, lenghtwise, like a hamburger bun, how else would you do it, short wise? in my opinion - that would appear to be skimping,,,,just my thoughts.......sam sears, cec

We do corporate catering in Manhattan (NYC) and usually we cut the bagels through the middle and then in half moons. This gives people a chance to take a bit of this and a bit of that Also, they make a nice pattern in the basket for presentation purposes.

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