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Posted by sam sears, cec on May 21, 19101 at 19:59:42 :

In Reply to: Re: pricing by the platter posted by Claudia's Kitchen on May 21, 19101 at 07:48:40 :

: Yesterday's client said that I should simply tell him I don't work that way and that I charge a per person charge. I think I will call Glorious Food because I need more information so that I can be extremely positive and friendly. I feel as if I am about to be royally taken advantage of and that I made a mistake by getting flustered when the Decorator said "NOONE charges this way." I've lost the power and need to gain it back without, as you say, being arrogant. The thing of it is, $40 pp is a steal of a deal; it includes staff and I was not tacking on a fee for co-ordinating rentals. By the way, what is your advice on those extras like rentals, etc?

: Thanks! Claudia

Claudia, as far as the rentals go, I always tack on a few percent for the time & trouble, if the rentals are to be charged through to my invoice to the client, then I usually take up to 15% more, for the paperwork & checks & mailing, ect..and not to mention the credit I am really extending to this client...sam

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