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Posted by sam sears, cec on May 22, 19101 at 20:59:13 :

In Reply to: Insurance posted by Kenny Abbott on May 21, 19101 at 20:55:31 :

: I have been ask to cater a wedding and am a little uneasy about it. I have been the Food -Service director at a conference center in the past under the facilities insurance. What type of single day insurance should I get and where?

: Thanks

Dear Kenny, you will, no doubt, receive some other "advice" but here is what I know regarding insurance, liability & the like. First, unlike most caterers (and business people for that matter) I know way more about insurance than I ever wanted to, due to the fact that I spent 1 1/2 years fighting & suing, everyone involved, including my insurance carrier, agency & the agent himself, during an unfortunate incident, that was no fault of my firms....but here it goes, UNless you are fully licensed & regulated & inspected, even if you have liability insurance, but no license, you are operating contrary to the law (ie illegal activity) that all insurance policies have a "exculsion" for "we do not cover any illegal activity on the part of the insured" don't waste your money for insurance that will not cover your "exposure" to liability.......Now if you are licensed & inspected, ect, you need a general liability policy that is customized for caterers, workmens comp (at least the minimum that your state requires) and auto liability & collision, especially "hired & non-owned" auto liability & collision.......My firm personnaly (just renewed) now carries an aggregate of 5,000,000 of general & umbrella liability, for about 1.75% of sales...this just went up from 1.5%.......good luck...sam sears, cec

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