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Posted by George on May 28, 1997 at 10:06:19 :

In Reply to: Industrial Catering posted by SJGray on May 26, 1997 at 21:42:27 :

:: I own a start-up website design business and one of my prospects, an industrial catering company serving lunches to (factory) businesses in the county, sees no "need" for her company to have a website, but is willing to listen, she says, "if I can convince (her) otherwise."
:: Any ideas or suggestions?

In an industrial setting most target companies would be looking at putting up web sites themselves. When your client bids on a contract, they could point to their website as a demonstration that they are a cutting edge company. The site would enable them to give a professional fact to their business that could set them apart from the competition.

Menus, flattering pictures of other operations they run, a mission statement and awards received could all be presented in a positive way.

Id also stress the cost efficiencies of publishing on the web.

To sell it maybe do a mock up and present it via a laptop.

BTW- Id strongly suggest that ANY caterer out there should have a web site with a virtual domain name. i.e. Its much cheaper than doing a full color brochure and mailing them to prospective clients.

Good Luck

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