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Posted by George on June 21, 1997 at 10:57:48 :

In Reply to: Finding the Competition posted by Skateone on June 21, 1997 at 10:46:15 :

: know some information regarding where I might find my :competition online and
: what type of menus are current along with pricing.
: Can you direct me to what I am looking :for?

: Thank you for your time,

: Pres. GenX Catering

Well most likely they are not on line yet. At least arround here, LINY, food business are behind the curve as far as being on line,(unfortunately for them) I'll bet its different on the Left Coast.

To see if they are on line go to Excite or AltaViata and do searches using key words that include your Geographic Area and Catering, Restaurant and the names of any of your compeditors that you know of. You might also try any of the Restaurant Locator type sites that service your area.

To get more info, hit the good ole Yellow Pages (I guess you could use one of them on line) and find out who the competition is, call em, and ask them to send you a brochure and menus. Most likely, if they are indeed competition, they will be happy to send them out.

Best Wishes


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