Re: cooking beef tenderloin, holding, reheating

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Posted by Carl Jones on September 12, 1997 at 11:06:11 :

In Reply to: Re: cooking beef tenderloin, holding, reheating posted by George on September 12, 1997 at 10:54:41 :

George thank you for the response... i had not thought of just marking them.... the secret to good tenderloin is not letting it steam... thus the reason you suggest not letting them touch i guess.....

do you have any recommendations for sauce?
and is it a bad idea to reheat in an appropriate sauce?

would you mind giving me your email? mine is


: : i have cooked many successful tenderloins whole... i have
: : a full service job for 500 in october.

: : i have grilled tournedos of tenderloins, served with a
: : bearnaise... but i need to grill 500, cool and reheat.

: IMHO the secret is to mark them , not par cook them. Use an extremely hot grill and just do diamonds on each side and then chill them, or just sear them on both sides and chill them. The meat should be virtually raw on the inside.

: Arrange them on sheet pans. (it's been a while but I think 5X6, 30 to a sheet pan, DO NOT let them touch, give em plenty of room) and actually cook them on site.

: If you're short of oven space ( who has space for 17 sheet pans?) rent a couple of proofing boxes, get a case of sterno, space about 5 sternos per level, 1 tray between 3 trays of beef and cook them in there. BTW in a proofing boxes you will find that there is about 2 inches difference in depth between the depth of a sheet pan, alternate them front and back to create a convection currnet.

: I've even cook pork roasts this way for parties in remote locations.

: Good Luck, let us know how it went.

: George

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