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Posted by Susan on September 18, 1997 at 22:37:05 :

In Reply to: Re: rental equipment posted by George on May 15, 1997 at 22:12:05 :

: : I have transfered this message from E-Mail, that would be of interest to the group.

: : George.

: : ::George,

: : ::I appreciate your explanation of catering and rental equipment, but what
: : ::types of equipment besides the ones previously mentioned (with Margot)
: : ::would a caterer typically need?

: The list of possible equipment is determined by how you do your party and the type of parties you do. It can range from plates and serving ware to mobile commercial kitchens and air-conditioning units, smoke and bubble machines to olive and pickle trays, king and queen pedestals to simple folding chairs. I'll see if I can find a party rental site on the web and give the URL, the list of items is enormous.

: : Does the average caterer already have
: : ::certain equipment?

: If you are an On Premises caterer you will normally have all of the basics- dinnerware, serving and buffet ware, tables chairs, dance floors, a basic sound system etc.

: If you are an Off premises caterer, the restrictions of storage, cleaning and actually getting the items to the party location usually make it more logistically advisable (and profitable) to leave rentals to the rental companies and let you concentrate on food, staff and other logistics. (but I'm sure there are many folks out there that do their own equipment, but I wouldn't, it's the norm around here (LINY) to go the rental rout)
: Later

: George

George, I am trying to find a portable kitchen to rent while our
club is undergoing renovations. Do you have any ideas or leads?
I have seen them at festivals,especially in New Orleans, but I
can't find them in New Jersey or Philadelphia Thanks, Susan

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