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Posted by anonimus on December 06, 1997 at 10:00:50 :

In Reply to: Re: ARAMARK posted by pissed off member of the public on May 29, 1997 at 21:21:15 :

: anyone that would work for a company as unethical
: as ARAMARK doesn't deserve a job. they should be
: in jail as co conspirators!If ARAMARK allowed ANY
: competition in the national parks, they would go
: broke. they are a bunch of thieves that serve
: crappy food at 2-3 times the price! Screw ARAMARK!

I must say I agree 100% with your commentof unethical observation of aramark. I see it daily in the facilities service end too!
It is no wonder GM cars cost so much. The General

Manager of aramark in Janesville, WI. Scams many
hours of overtime from GM without working them !
The ironic thing about it is ARAMARK'S business
conduct policy people in Philly have been informed
of it and have done nothing to correct it!
Services Managed Better, is their moto !
Bullshit !
The next time you purchase a new GM product you
can thank the folk's at ARAMARK for a part of why
your vehicle cost as much as it did !
This is not just an isolated incident, Buick city,
MI. should be looked at as well. As well as any
facility ARAMARK is in.
Wake Up GM !!!!

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