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Posted by Sharon Odmann on January 31, 1997 at 09:49:45 :

In Reply to: stuck in bed . . . HELP!!! posted by Tony Dawson on January 30, 1997 at 13:12:14 :

: Urgent...I am unable to get to a resource dept. I need to know what any and all of the following
: are: devil fish, croquettes, baron, gumbo, snicker doodles,
: shoo fly pie, dirty rice, syllabub, and iambalaya. Help would
: be greatly appreciated! Thanks...

Croquettes: made from ground poultry, meat or fish bound together with a very heavy white sauce, seasoned, shaped into balls or ovals, coated with flour, eggs and crumbs and cooked in hot fat until golden. Usually served with a sauce.

Gumbo: a cajun dish originally meaning made with okra, the thickening agent. Now gumbo is a type of soup.

Dirty rice: another cajun dish with meat and vegetable dices.

Snickerdoodles: I think these are a Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish cookie or cake.

Shoofly Pie: Another Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish thing. A pie made from molasses, baking soda, and salt with a crumb topping. So good they had to shoo the flies off it.

Syllabub: Recipe from _Eliza Acton Modern Cookery for Private Families_, first published in 1845 :

Put into a large bowl half a pound of sugar broken small, and pour on it the strained juice of a couple of fresh lemons. Stir these well together, and add to them a pint of port wine, a pint of sherry, and half a pin t fo brandy; grate in a fine nutmeg, place the bowl under the cow, and milk it full. In serving it put a portion of the curd into each glass, fill it up with whey, and pour a little rich cream on the top. The rind of a lemon may be rasped on part of the sugar when the flavour is like, but it is not usually added.

Jambalaya: A cajun stew made popular in the fifties by a song. Contains andouille sausage and rice.

Hope this helps. Good luck

Chef Sharon

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