Re: reusable ice molds

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Posted by George on January 27, 1998 at 20:59:44 :

In Reply to: reusable ice molds posted by Icecraft International Pty.Ltd. - Vivienne Lipke on January 25, 1998 at 06:14:53 :

: In reply to enquiries re ice sculpture molds - we manufacture molds which are fully reusable - (hundreds of times)and which produce beautifully detailed and profiled ice pieces. Our internationally patented system overcomes the problems mentioned by a previous responder. These quality special purpose molds may not be cheap enough for the casual private user, but represent absolute top value for serious functions operators as they are capable of recouping their total cost very quickly, with years of pure profit to follow. Quality of product and service guaranteed - with a history to prove it over ten years in forty countries.


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