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Posted by Baumann CEC on February 20, 1998 at 13:55:54 :

In Reply to: Re: Ya'll are so nice.... posted by Sharon Odmann on February 20, 1998 at 12:40:05 :

: Carl,


: Man, I take exception to that. Define newbie as it relates to catering.

: :If they would interview them and ask
: : good questions, then talk to some real caterers, they would see the
: : difference up front....

: I am real curious to know what you mean here. What are the good questions? And what, for heaven's sake is a "real caterer" and _do not_ give me that illegal caterer boloney either. What are the differences?

: :
: : oh, i do have a bread/butter regular earner,

: Wish I did. I lost my private chef gig, and with it my really good income that allowed me to weather the catering storms. I do not want to return to b-o-h, but I will if I have to.

: Sharon


You ask,"What is a real caterer?" Simple; A person who is
professionally train in the culinary arts.((Like Sanitation
certified to handle food)) A person who acts, looks, is,
professional and has a caterer license. Its a full time
position not here or there. I call that spot catering.

I cater food to clients when they ask, but I'm not a caterer
Why? because catering is full time business

I'm a corporate chef, but when my company does cater food. The
food is safe and of the highest quality. How many part time
caterers can claim that.

In the future ALL food service persons, will be certified (sanitation)
to handle food.


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