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Posted by rama on April 08, 1998 at 09:57:24 :

In Reply to: tandoori chicken for 300 guests posted by kelly on April 04, 1998 at 23:03:03 :

: Help - I need a REALLY GOOD recipe for tandoori chicken for a buffet banquet of approximatley 300 guests.I have tried at least 10 recipes, but none of them seem quite right.

: Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Kelly,
I don't know whether it will help but you can try this recipie
for chicken tandoori.Cut the chicken into serving sizes usually big chunky sizes or according to your convinience
make gashes all on the body b'coz it will let the juices seap inside.
Take garlic,ginger and some onion and make a paste of it.Add some orange food color it will add the color to it.To the paste add salt,chilli powder,cumin powder,lemon juice and mix it to well beaten yogurt.Add chicken pieces to it and marinate for 4-6 hrs.I usually marinate overnight.
Heat oven to 425F put the chicken with the marinade and cook for about 15 mins,and pour some oil to it and cook till the desired texture is equired.Serve with onion rings and lemon juice.
If you have any question fell free to email me at

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