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chocolate tempering machine dilema

The The Bakers Dozen: chocolate tempering machine dilema
By Hagit (Hagit) on Saturday, July 10, 2004 - 04:41 pm: Edit

im thinking of buying a chocolate tempering machine, the problem is that all of the machines that contain reasonable amount are expensive.

im focusing now on 2 machines:
1. Revolation X3210 wich cost a little more than i want to spend.

2.ACMC wich fits my budget but i know nothing about.

what can u tell me about the ACMC? compare to the revolation?(

do u know any other tempering machine can suit me?
where i can find used chocolate tempering machine?

another machine ive seen is the zanardi

do u know this one?

By Cocolulu (Cocolulu) on Thursday, September 09, 2004 - 11:06 pm: Edit

Consider how much chocolate you'll need. Most companies list the machines capabilities in terms of daily production. So make sure what ever machine you buy has the bowl capacity you're looking for.

The Rev X3210 has a 10lb. bowl capacity and holds the temper for about 4hrs before blooming. Tempering from start to finish take about an hour and half.Pre melting shortens tempering time, but this is true with all machines.The company suggests you can do as little as 1.5lb, but I feel it should be at least 3-5lbs for best results. I have had one of these machines for about 4 years and it breaks down at least one a year. The baffles are plastic, mine have broken twice, 120.00 + SH to replace. Computer chip, heating element, blower, anything else that "goes out"...the machine will have to be sent back to be serviced. On the plus side it is the largest bowl capacity for the cost, about 800.00 refurished (ask directly or look on ebay) and still manages to be "table top" size. It breaks down quickly for clean up and for switching from dark to white.

The ACMC is I belive a 5lb. bowl capacity, The only machine I have this small is a Hilliard's, it's the same capacity but it all stainless steel construction (baffle too) heating is with generic light bulbs, manual as opposed to analog controls. All this to me means less problems, but it's twice as much (1,400.00 for the hilliards,750.00 for the ACMC). Both of these machines take longer to clean than the RevX3210. Another plus for the smaller machines is the night setting. You can leave your chocolate to be melted for morning much like melter or wheel. The RevX must be premelted before setting the overnight option. I hate to do without any of my "workhorses" and couldn't suggest one machine over the other but hopefully this help you decide for your application.
Good luck-Lulu

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