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Chocolate Cake Recipe?

The The Bakers Dozen: Chocolate Cake Recipe?
By Cheftim (Cheftim) on Saturday, November 13, 2004 - 06:14 pm: Edit

For sometime I've been looking for, I guess one would call it an American style Chocolate Cake recipe, in foodservice proportions something using weight, lbs. and oz., instead of cups and tsp. The kind of cake where the fat is creamed with the sugar the liquids are added and then the dry ingredients.
Nothing proprietorial just a basic recipe.
Any of you Pastry Types want to throw me a bone.

By Foodpump (Foodpump) on Saturday, November 13, 2004 - 07:03 pm: Edit

Yeah, I call it the "Mad Hatter's recipie, on account of a particular client insisting on a recipie from a Maida Heatter's cook book. It took me a while to convert it, but it is a good cake; stays moist, freezes well. Recipie is for 1 10" sponge.
In the mixing bowl scale out:
140 gr dark couveture, melted
115 gr unsalted butter
220 gr brown sugar
cream with a paddle, then add:
3 yolks

scale out and sift on to a sheet of paper:
250 gr cake flour
25 gr cocoa powder
15 gr baking SODA

add in two or three batches,alternating with:
350 gr buttermilk

in a clean bowl whip to soft peak:
3 whites
40 gr sugar

fold in to batter

As you can see I work with digital scales, offering me speed and accuracy. Don't bother conveting it to Imperial weights, just switch the scale from Imperial to Metric.

By Tamsin (Tamsin) on Sunday, November 14, 2004 - 02:26 am: Edit

I use one which I don't know if you would call it an American style chocolate cake or not, I call it a Mud Cake, but it's not really as rich or as "soild" as a normal mud cake that you would have in America, however it is far better than a normal chocolate cake, does that make sense, probably not (it's been a long day)
ANYWAY, you melt all the butter, milk, sugar, golden syrup (treacle/molasses but light in colour) and chocolate together, boil. Allow it to cool, then mixed in everything else, don't know if you are interested or not. If you are, just let me know and I'll post the recipe for you, it's in large qualities aswell but works if you want to increase it or decrease the amount.

By Pastrycrew (Pastrycrew) on Sunday, November 14, 2004 - 10:29 am: Edit

Tim, try this one. It's a hi ratio choc cake. You can slice it into layers but it is very moist. I use it for bday and wedding cakes. I have another more like grandma's cake, but you need bake them thin if you layer them since they are more like "pudding" consistency.

Ingredients Amount Amount Metric
Cake Flour 1 # 4 oz 567 g
Cornstarch 10 ½ oz 298 g
Cocoa Powder 1 # 8 oz 680 g
Baking Soda 1 oz 28 g
Granulated Sugar 4 # 8 oz 2,041 g

Vegetable Oil 1 # 8 oz 680 g
Sour Cream 1 # 8 oz 680 g
Whole Eggs 18 each 18 each

Buttermilk 1 # 8 oz 680 g

Blend dry ingredients well to sift them together. Add oil, eggs and sour cream and mix 3 minutes on medium speed.

Add the buttermilk in thirds, scraping between additions. Mix one minute on medium speed each time.

Bake at 350F for rounds, 420F high top heat for sheets.

By Cheftim (Cheftim) on Monday, November 15, 2004 - 05:03 pm: Edit

Thanks everyone. I'l try them all and see what works for me.
Any one with something else, keep it coming.

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