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Progress on new District Clusters for Nassau County General Service.

At the October General Service Representative (GSR) meeting of Nassau County General Service, the following proposed clusters of all 16 Districts were accepted by the GSRs of Nassau County:
“Several districts may meet together at the same time and place in a district “cluster” to compensate for vacant DCM (District Committee Member) positions, to improve participation and/or to create other efficiencies to strengthen the clustering districts” (Service Handbook and Articles of Associations and By-Laws (AREA 49), p. 61).  Our main hope in clustering the districts is to give support and to give “struggling districts a boost” (Service Handbook, p. 18).
At the next GSR meeting, on Monday, December 14th at 7:30pm, the plan is to provide support for these clusters so that they may begin meeting on a regular basis.

The BIG Meeting

The BIG meeting is an open speaker meeting celebrating 74 years of AA in Nassau County.The BIG Meeting will be an opportunity to find our where your Home Group fits in to AA in Nassau.We have a rich connection to our Area 49 SENY and AA as a whole, beginning in the 1940’s!!!If you check with some Old-timers or members who have some history of your group, write in out.Maybe the group started in one location and moved, who were the original founders? etc.Bring it to the BIG Meeting and we will give you a leaf to attach to our history tree of AA in Nassau.
Hope to see you there. 

Linda and Geralda
Co-Chairs BIG Meeting 2015