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Posted by Carl on August 27, 1998 at 23:51:18 :

In Reply to: Re: Management Experience in what? posted by Fayanna on August 27, 1998 at 09:45:55 :

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: As I stated in my e-mail to you, I understand fully the importance of
: being careful and experienced in this business as in any other.
: Being professional is being able to communicate in a direct, but professional
: manner. Everyone can learn from someone else, experienced or non-experienced.
: If I insulted you, again for that I apologize, but I was not expecting
: such a sarcastic response. I hope we can communicate in the near future
: because I have many, many questions. Thank you and again, I apologize.
: :

: \

Actually, I was a bit insulted, but I reflected upon many of my previous posts and
agree that I deserve a good telling off by someone every now and then to help
my sensitivity or lack thereof....

I would be honored to communicate with you on any catering subject you wish to
explore... i don't have all the answers, but I probably have an opinion...

thanks for your apology, You are kind.... please post any questions at the top
of the forum so more people will be able to participate... we may have lost them
in this thread...



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