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Posted by Belle on January 05, 19101 at 23:52:07 :

In Reply to: Thanks for being patient! posted by Carl on August 27, 1998 at 23:51:18 :

I too have decided to start a catering business from the bottom up...out of my home that is. At the end of this month, I will take a course & be tested on rules & regs of inspection. I then intend to take food prep courses & marketing & financial courses. I have begun buying & collecting things I will need for this business now, & will continue before I ever actually "start" this business. My goal is to start at home, then move to an outside building, & eventually own a banquet hall within the next 10 yrs. What do you think about my basic plan? I am totally new to all of this but feel I am intelligent & money-wise enough to succeed over the long haul.: : : :
: : As I stated in my e-mail to you, I understand fully the importance of
: : being careful and experienced in this business as in any other.
: : Being professional is being able to communicate in a direct, but professional
: : manner. Everyone can learn from someone else, experienced or non-experienced.
: : If I insulted you, again for that I apologize, but I was not expecting
: : such a sarcastic response. I hope we can communicate in the near future
: : because I have many, many questions. Thank you and again, I apologize.
: : :

: : \

: Actually, I was a bit insulted, but I reflected upon many of my previous posts and
: agree that I deserve a good telling off by someone every now and then to help
: my sensitivity or lack thereof....

: I would be honored to communicate with you on any catering subject you wish to
: explore... i don't have all the answers, but I probably have an opinion...

: thanks for your apology, You are kind.... please post any questions at the top
: of the forum so more people will be able to participate... we may have lost them
: in this thread...

: Joy!

: Carl

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