Re: Management Experience in what?

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Posted by Fayanna on August 28, 1998 at 08:24:52 :

In Reply to: Re: Management Experience in what? posted by Gerard on August 28, 1998 at 07:39:57 :

Hello Gerald,

As I stated earlier, I appreciate good, sound advice. And yes,
I have no experience in this area of business. I have worked with
caterers, hired caterers and I am now in the process of studying catering.
You must understand that other professionals have given me advice
contradictory to your's. I was told of how they started in their
own kitchen, how there are many ways to make short cuts and more.
There are some basic business management techniques that must be used
in every business and this is what I was referring to in as far as
my expertise stands. I am a very to-the-point person as well, but
I have found that arrogance can alienate people unnecessarily.
You and Carl should write a hard core "how to" or "do's and dont's"
article, quarterly or book on this business. You both sound as
though you are extremely knowledgeable, but please do not go into
the business of making a person feel totally incapable of understanding
this business simply because they are new to it. Instead, talk
of levels of catering, sources to learn more on pricing, measuring,
marketing, equipment etc.. Everyone must start somewhere.
By the way, I am an event planner. A NEW event planner. I can do
this and I will not be discouraged to the point of giving up.
I suppose I will have to take my knocks and bruises like all of
you experienced business people did. Thank you again for responding
and being interested enough to converse with me.


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