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Posted by Michael Roman on August 29, 1998 at 17:11:55 :

With respect to the issue of opening a catering business
from your home, I can only say "good luck" and take care.
IN this economic climate when licensed, inspected, and
taxpaying caterers are coming up against tough price competition, I
can only suggest that an illegal caterer not go head to head
with a licensed caterer on the matter of price.

In other words, if the illegal caterer undersells the
licensed caterer, they will probably be turned in to the
health department and the IRS for not following fair practices
that make for a level playing field.

Someone suggested that a caterer has to start somewhere.. but, can one open a restaurant
without a health department license? The truth is that
anyone who wants to can become a caterer overnight. Very few will
really make it in the short or long run... catering is either going to become a profession
or stay a hobby.

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