Re: Martha Stewart who????

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Posted by Gerard on September 07, 1998 at 08:24:40 :

In Reply to: Martha Stewart who???? posted by Donna on September 06, 1998 at 16:14:35 :

Bless you Donna,

I watched Stewart just once and fell off my chair laughing as she tried to make a wedding cake, she used a frangipane recipe, its a dense almond filling, not at all suitable as a cake.
It looked like a multi level car garage and she used eggs from her own chickens. She's a fake 100%.
Julia isn't a chef, I know her from doing my apprenticeship 2 streets away from where she lived in Cambridge, she's a good TV personality who in her own style removed a lot of mystique from some of the challenging aspects of cooking. Probably the best female chef I know is Lydia Shire. I met her donkeys yrs ago before she got big and she was very good back then.

I would like to see a sociologists study of many women watch Martha Stewart, I think its some sort of female tribal thing.

To anyone who has some ability she's always going to come off as offensive, phoney.
Don't make the mistake of saying this in some of the amateur sites though, they'll come after you with a witch hunt.

Cheers, Gerard.

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