Getting Payment Up Front!

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Posted by Carl Jones, Premier Catering on January 03, 1999 at 17:19:43 :

Even from (especially from) friends! On Nov 1, I catered a
wedding reception for a friend (acquaintance). Well, I felt
a bit awkward asking for a deposit, so I waived it, and I
hated to ask for payment two days prior to the even (as
I normally do)

The reception was great, everyone had a good time and we did
a fabulous job. The bride who is about 50+ was very happy.
I asked the couple for the check, they said the checkbook was in
their room, so I said "send it to me"

One month later, no check. Phone calls not returned. Now, two months later
guess what? Divorced! yep. Still no check. Still ignoring my
phone calls. I paid her a visit yesterday at her job.
She apologized and explained she has no money. She gave me
a 500.00 check (still owes 3000.00) Husband left the stated. He
was "supposed" to send me a check. She said she "will" pay
me a little at a time.

Yes, I learned a lesson, but mainly I have a testimony to
tell people when they complain about paying up front.
Some say "I dont like paying for something before I get it"
My usual response is, "that is the way the catering business
works" but also isn't it true that you pay for a suit before
you wear it? You pay for a car before you take posesssion.
or Don't you pay for food at the grocery before you
consume it? Sure, you eat first at nice restaurants before
Anyone else have any experience with this? Any advice?

Cheers, See you all in New Orleans at the Catering '99

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