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Posted by Donna on January 04, 1999 at 09:35:49 :

In Reply to: Getting Payment Up Front! posted by Carl Jones, Premier Catering on January 03, 1999 at 17:19:43 :

Well, you know the saying "nice guys-----)
I did a catering event in November that I will never do again. It was non profit and I catered it last year, as well. I did it for food cost only. This year I had three functions on that same day. I still don't have my dishes back. It was out of town and I sure am p-off. They had 250 (50 more than last year) I did ham, beef, turkey, pork, salads, etc. Did I get a call from anyone? NO
Is this any different from your disaster?
I guess that's why we have rules and guidelines and we both need to follow them. I know better, You know better. Will we do it again, probably.
I guess I would rather be burnt again than have no compassion, or the willingness to help those less fortunate. A simple thank you, in my case. A payment to you (even at a discount) would have been nice.
I am sure glad that we aren't teamed up, we'd be broke!!!!!!!!

: Even from (especially from) friends! On Nov 1, I catered a
: wedding reception for a friend (acquaintance). Well, I felt
: a bit awkward asking for a deposit, so I waived it, and I
: hated to ask for payment two days prior to the even (as
: I normally do)

: The reception was great, everyone had a good time and we did
: a fabulous job. The bride who is about 50+ was very happy.
: I asked the couple for the check, they said the checkbook was in
: their room, so I said "send it to me"

: One month later, no check. Phone calls not returned. Now, two months later
: guess what? Divorced! yep. Still no check. Still ignoring my
: phone calls. I paid her a visit yesterday at her job.
: She apologized and explained she has no money. She gave me
: a 500.00 check (still owes 3000.00) Husband left the stated. He
: was "supposed" to send me a check. She said she "will" pay
: me a little at a time.

: Yes, I learned a lesson, but mainly I have a testimony to
: tell people when they complain about paying up front.
: Some say "I dont like paying for something before I get it"
: My usual response is, "that is the way the catering business
: works" but also isn't it true that you pay for a suit before
: you wear it? You pay for a car before you take posesssion.
: or Don't you pay for food at the grocery before you
: consume it? Sure, you eat first at nice restaurants before
: paying.
: Anyone else have any experience with this? Any advice?

: Cheers, See you all in New Orleans at the Catering '99
: Conference!

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