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Posted by Ron Edwards on September 18, 1999 at 13:02:35 :

Well I would like to ask the help of those who have served concession style. I hope that is the right term. I have been put in the position by a friend of course to provide food for a jazz event. The event is on a Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm . I have been asked to do two food booths for an estimated crowd of 1500. I also was able to talk to a restaurant chef who has done two of these in past. He informed me that the reason he did it was for the advertising aspect. The radio station promotes the vendors both on the air and in print adds. The chef told me he did it for advertising and what food he did not use was recycled back into the restaurant, not much of an option for a caterer. I also learned that on average he sells $600.00 worth of food items between about 200 servings.

Shrimp scampi $6.00
Escargot ( price not known
Oysters 1.75 each
Small Caesar salad $3.00 ( very poor seller)

So I am in a spot to do this. I am looking at the following menu

Booth 1 Fried Catfish nuggets with a lemon basil Aioli $6.00

Booth 2 drumettes on a bed of Thai noodle salad $5.00

I will have a staffing cost of $120.00

So If any of you with experience in concession sales I could use your fed back. The venues used in the past have been malls and a down town square. This event will be on the lawn at a winery so they are expecting a larger crowd. Looking back on this I would have said no , but I'm in it now. Any suggestion would help.

For the catfish I will have a table top two basket fryer, placing finished catfish into a chaffer for service. Booth staffed with two people

For the Drumettes they will be held in a chaffer with the salad at room temp. Booth staffed with two people.

I feel by doing two booths I can do more business than placing all my eggs in one basket. I will also be selling bottled water for $1.00 and flavored sparkling waters for $1.50

Thanks all for any help or suggestion on the menu or any pit falls ( besides not making my food cost back)

Ron Edwards

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