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Posted by Debbie on October 08, 1999 at 14:19:38 :

In Reply to: Re: RENTAL COST FOR CHURCH KITCHEN posted by Carl on September 19, 1999 at 02:28:25 :

Stay away from the hourly idea, and propose a per job fee.
Say $50-$75.00/one day use. Make sure to leave kitchen spotlessly clean & do not use the church's kitchen staples in order to preserve a good relationship with the church. Nothing will impress the church ladies more than a CLEAN kitchen, & nothing will turn them against you more than leaving everything a mess & using up their stuff. Think about getting your own small fridge & staking claim to a cabinet & put a hasp lock on both to protect your staples & prevent you from having to bring the basics with you every time. Offer your skills to benefit a program they offer that you care about also & in addition to those Wednesday night suppers someone mentioned, let them know you can prepare food for wedding receptions & even funerals. Good luck & let them help you.

: I would definitely look very seriously about doing their Wednesday night suppers at food cost or less....
: It varies based upon sq ftage and how much equipment is there... Start low... you can always go up!: I found the kitchen, perfect facility, perfect location, it's a brand new commercial kitchen at a church. My problem is finding a reasonable dollar figure to base our proposal to the church. I am not sure how busy I will be in the beginning, so renting by the hour seems O.K. but is there anyone who can help me with this figure, considering the cost of utilities and space. The church has agreed to an "as needed" basis but I don't have any baseline. CAN ANYONE HELP!!!!!! Thank you in advance, any info is apreciated! Robin

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