Re: heating chix in proofing oven

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Posted by Sam Sears, CEC on June 17, 19100 at 17:15:09 :

In Reply to: Re: heating chix in proofing oven posted by Carl on June 17, 19100 at 16:02:50 :

: : We need to warm fully cooked boneless chix breast - can we do this in a proofing oven? How long would it take? Thanks.

: That's a violation of most health codes... You must not allow food to stay in the danger zone too long... so reheating food at 170 degrees-ish is not a good thing.. you need to reheat to 140 as fast a possible... and hold there in that proofing cabinent..

: However it is not easy to answer your question as reheating varies based upon how dense the pan is with the chicken breast... is there a sauce? how many layers of chicken? how large is the pan?

: When asking questions, please give as much detail as possible so the reader can give a good answer.. i.e. don't expect a more thorough response than the "thoroughness" of your question... It is sometimes frustrating to our readers who love to share information to spend 2 days asking questions to understand the original question.

: You will find that we are very willing to give advice. I think it is fair to give detailed information so that you don't get bad advice that may damage your event.

: Blessings,

: Carl

right along w/ carls line, it is a misnomer to call a proofer, an oven, a typical proof box is only around 110 - 125f, much higher and you kill the the regs are to re-heat rapidly to 165 - 170 - 175f (to be safe) this cannot be established in a proof box (any that I know of)......just my thoughts.........if there is a proof box on site, then common sense says there is an oven on site, just like carl said, cook in oven & hold in proof box..............Sam

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