Re: Caterer gone mad! What do I do?

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Posted by Carl Jones on August 09, 19100 at 19:28:50 :

In Reply to: Caterer gone mad! What do I do? posted by Garie Bensa on August 09, 19100 at 17:33:08 :

Sounds to me like the caterer was a real loser to not be able to prepare salmon. She could have inspected the fish and had you sign a waiver of liability should anyone get sick.

Since she renigged on her deal, she should return the deposit. Not knowing the details of when she backed out or when you paid the deposit, she may have a point in keeping 50.00 for her time in the consultation. But, I think it is bad business.

Since she said it is "in the mail" she just obligated herself to a verbal contract to return the 450.00... I would draft a letter to the local paper and tv station with your story and cc: the caterer. Tell her if you do not receive the check in 5 days as PROMISED, then you will send the letter to the media. It is a 500.00 bluff that I wouldnt want to risk....

Find out her email address and post it here and we professionals will put heat on her to return it to you and we will tell her that we are posting her name for the world to see how she handles this situation.....

Catering is a stressful job and many clients (maybe you are one of them) can be real hard to deal with. THis may explain why she is wound so tight....

By the way, call her and go by her place EVERY DAY! Even consider a picket sign.... It would be worth getting the 500.00 ... Of course I like to fight!

Best of Luck... Keep us posted!!!!


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