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Posted by sam sears, cec on August 11, 19100 at 18:43:06 :

In Reply to: new business? posted by Tammy on August 10, 19100 at 23:19:30 :

: I am interested in starting my own catering business. I have no professional training but have done plenty of large gatherings (free of charge!!!) for churches, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays,.... I would like to be able to profit for my labor. I have plenty of recipes and serving dishes. My problem -- I haven't the money to purchase a business away from my home. I do have a finished basement with a kitchen that could be used soley for my business. Can anyone tell me if this would meet health guidelines and what I need to do to get a license.
: Any advise would be appreciated

First let me say this, a great cook or "party giver" does not a great caterer make.....most all successful caterers are great cooks OR have great is much more than is organization, planning, attention to details, salesmanship, dedication to yourself & company, bookkeeper, accountant, and believe me it is a BUSINESS, not play time or fun must know how to price your products & services, advertise, compete, and live by all the rules. You must realize that you are dealing w/ a perishable commodity (ie you either sell it or throw it away), and food bourne illness and intoxication is a very real possibility for "home based or illegal" caterers, time & tempature abuse must be held to a minimum, proper equipment for cooking, holding, chilling and cooling - BOTH in your facility & portable equipment to do the same..........
Now on to your question regarding constructing a commerical kitchen in your residence, MOST locales do not allow this, you need to check w/ your local board of health, planning & zoning, fire protection & prevention, electrical & plumbing inspection any area that I know of that allows a commerical kitchen in a residence, required substantial retro fitting & construction, in some cases it may be cheaper to rent a store front or industrial type building to refit into a commerical kitchen........not trying to rain on your parade, but these are the facts.....if you would like any other info, from someone in the catering business for a number of years & have built several kitchens, pls feel free to email me........sam

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