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Posted by Shai on August 27, 19100 at 13:07:35 :

I am a complete novice at catering (probably a complete fool too)but have gotten into several comittments I must keep. I have a very detailed style, heavy on visual presentation...Specialize in desserts(Cocolat-AliceMedrich style). I have done a lot of buffets in my home,and for good friends...dessert buffets,appetizers buffets,formal teas, etc. where people come and just stand around the table ooohing and aahing...This has been a fun artistic outlet, and I don't do it very often. I also have done meals (again artistically correct) but have only done them at cost, and for events etc. All this, to say, people have begun to call. Last year I did a dessert buffet for 50 for a friend (for pay) at her home. I am sure that my time in preparation was not compensated,but I had fun.

Now, I have comitted to an in home dinner for 40 people, and a formal tea for 75 people - again, for friends, but who are willing to pay.

I know, from what I have seen, and people's reactions, that what I do is somewhat unique. It probably would be completely unreasonable for some one to pay for my excessively detailed insanity...However....Would some one please give me a ballpark figure on what would be reasonable to charge for each of these events. I cannot afford to lose $$ although I can sacrifice a little time.

A per person figure or a cost plus # ? Preparation would be done in clients home and in church kitchen. Is this more of a chef for hire situation?

Also, If some one could recommend their favorite resource book to help with quanity and pricing I would be very thankful!

Yes, I've read through the site -I know there is a lot of animosity for Martha-ites.. I am ashamed to say.....Martha, move over!

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