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Posted by Brenda on September 21, 19100 at 13:40:10 :

In Reply to: Re: Mom's A Cookin' posted by Carl Jones on September 20, 19100 at 20:11:15 :

and about 32 hours of classes from a college hospitality management program. I work out of my home (as do at least 5-6 others in my area). I have worked from my home for 11 years now. Please post your email address and I will answer any questions about how I started. I had a good supply of silver before starting and added to that with crystal, baskets, pewter as the occasion arose. I can't say I do this as a career to support our family (hardly) but do it because I love the art and flair to creating foods (especially finger foods and sweets)that people will enjoy. I am not in an approved kitchen (first thing everyone wants to know) because in my area, it's just not legal. Like I said before working out of your house is how most caterers get started. Does your mother love cooking? I'd say that is the most important point. I love seeing people enjoy and talk about my food. If I didn't, this would be the last business I'd be in. I do everything totally by myself except to take along a friend to help at parties. Please post your email and I will email you.

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