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Posted by sam sears, cec on January 13, 19101 at 18:40:31 :

In Reply to: Buffet portions for 140 guests posted by Cindy Crawford on January 13, 19101 at 00:05:05 :

: I need help with portions & quantities on a upcoming buffet. There will be approx. 140 guest..I don't have final count yet. Menu is Ital. Ck Breast, rice pilaf,
: glazed baby carrots, broccoli & cauliflower salad, dinner rolls, choice of red velvet cake or cheesecake, coffee and tea. Also, when you do buffets do you have servers refill water, tea, coffee, etc.? If so, how many servers per guest. I would appreciate any information you can give me.
: Thanks,
: Cindy

Dear cindy, here us what I would do, 175 portions of chix (6 or 5 oz depending on if it is heavily breaded), 8 qt raw rice, 30# carrots (ep=edible portion), 25# salad, 15 doz rolls, 1 portion of dessert per person, 100 c coffee & 10 gal iced tea, 1 server per 50 ppl, if minimal table service is required or paid for, more if you are getting a premium price for the service, if premium service is the fare of the day, Yes we would service beverages & dessert at the table, if not, set up beverage & dessert stations..........hope this helps.....sam sears, cec

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