Re: What I would do if I were 15 yrs old

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Posted by Cameron on March 09, 19101 at 11:15:57 :

In Reply to: What I would do if I were 15 yrs old posted by Carl Jones on August 15, 19100 at 00:42:35 :

Hi...i am just like you exept i want to be a chef not a caterer but they do the same things in the kitchen so it doesn't really matter. see you cant really do much as of right now but take all the cooking classes you can in High School which ever one you are in and get good grades in the classes, then my recomendation is to try to get into the Culinary collage in San Fransisco becuase what i have heard and know about it is that that is the best Culinary collage there is in the world and they always always garentee you a job for life somewhere because thats how good of a collage it is...Oh hey BTW did i mention i was 15 too

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