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Posted by Carl Jones on April 20, 19101 at 01:41:57 :

In Reply to: cocktail hour menu suggestions posted by chef mel on April 17, 19101 at 06:50:06 :

: I am having a wedding in june. The first course (cocktail hour) which is outside needs something. I am doing Fruit and Cheese, grilled baby veggies, shrimp and crab claws, anti pasta platter. The thing is that I have to take into consideration that the guests have no place to sit and no utencils. They will have a drink in one hand and a napkin or plate in the other. Does any one have any good ideas. Also i dont want it to be too gourmet because the guests are simple and like great food that they can tell what it is and dont feel uncomfortable.

I highly recommend kiosk tables... the are 48 inches tall and 30 inches in diameter.... you can rent these... figure about 1 of these per 15 guests..... there is no better way... people can walk up to these and stand.. it gives them a place for their drink etc...

Good luck..

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