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Posted by Codi on April 20, 19101 at 11:22:03 :

In Reply to: Re: Mother-Daughter Church Dinner posted by Carl Jones on April 20, 19101 at 01:30:46 :

: : Hi,
: : I am catering a Mother-Daughter Dinner at church. They would like pork loin, hot roast beef in gravey and mashed potatoes. How do I figure out how much to plan for each person? I have heard approximately 3oz of meat per person. Is this right? Also, I make my mashed potatoes from real potatoes not from potatoe flakes. How many potatoes per person for mashed potatoes. I always make way to much. There will be 40-50 people at this dinner. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

: : Codi

: I would do 4.5 oz of Beef and 4.0 oz of Pork Loin. I would do 4.5 oz of finished mashed potatoes. If you do green beans, figure 3.5 oz...... all are E.P. (edible portions)

: Figuring that these are all women, you will have some food left over.. but you should always figure too much.... just not grossy too much....

: Best of Luck

: Carl

Dear Carl,

Thank you so much for this valuable information. I really appreciate it.


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