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Posted by Carl Jones on April 20, 19101 at 01:30:46 :

In Reply to: Mother-Daughter Church Dinner posted by Codi on April 17, 19101 at 22:35:04 :

: Hi,
: I am catering a Mother-Daughter Dinner at church. They would like pork loin, hot roast beef in gravey and mashed potatoes. How do I figure out how much to plan for each person? I have heard approximately 3oz of meat per person. Is this right? Also, I make my mashed potatoes from real potatoes not from potatoe flakes. How many potatoes per person for mashed potatoes. I always make way to much. There will be 40-50 people at this dinner. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

: Codi

I would do 4.5 oz of Beef and 4.0 oz of Pork Loin. I would do 4.5 oz of finished mashed potatoes. If you do green beans, figure 3.5 oz...... all are E.P. (edible portions)

Figuring that these are all women, you will have some food left over.. but you should always figure too much.... just not grossy too much....

Best of Luck


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