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Posted by Carl Jones, Premier Catering on February 25, 1998 at 11:12:40 :

In Reply to: Corporate Catering posted by Karen Upright on February 24, 1998 at 19:58:44 :

: A friend/business associate, who freelances in PR and graphics and has hired me to cater for her clients in the past, has suggested that I concentrate my catering efforts on corporate business. I think I have a pretty good grasp of business entertaining -- taking the extra steps to really meet the goals of the event and my catering business is more than half corporate now, but I'm unsure how to tap the market and really specialize in this area. Any suggestions?

: When I deal with a new corporate client, I try to stress professionalism, licensing, INSURANCE COVERAGE, things that really matter to corporate clients. In Florida if a subcontractor or worker is injured on your property and is not covered by worker's compensation insurance, they can sue the property owner or leaseholder or both for damages. You don't have to mention this more than once to a catering client.

: Karen

Below is the text of an information sheet I send to prospective clients, it is presented in a more attractive format than here
Corporate Catering is a very profitable business, more than social for me... the reason for send this to them is to make them
think... usually the person who is handling the bookings is less concerned about the price and more concerned about looking good
or more importantly NOT looking bad to their boss/peers. They really feel confident and secure after speaking to me.... They can
easily MAKE SURE that you get the job, (even if you are higher) This was written by me, some ideas came from Mike Roman's CaterSource
Journal and the many seminars I have attended... see his site, click on below.. :

Cheers, Carl

ARE YOU LIABLE whenever member of the catererís staff gets hurt while working
on your event? YES, YOU ARE! ....unless the caterer provides workerís compensation.
Many so called ďcaterersĒ use many part timers who are not covered by workerís
compensation. Require the caterer to certify that ALL catering staff are covered by
workerís compensation. PREMIER CATERING insures 100% of our staff, protecting
ourselves and you.

ARE YOU LIABLE whenever your guests are injured or gets sick at your event?
....unless the caterer is fully insured and licensed. The best protection is hiring a caterer
with the proper equipment and food knowledge . PREMIER CATERING has invested
thousands of dollars in catering equipment and food science education to prevent
unnecessary disasters. Many other caters donít even know what they donít know about
food protection, nor do they have the necessary equipment. Donít risk an embarrassing
situation with your event.

Not only does lukewarm food taste bad, it is potentially hazardous! The last thing you
need is to make your guests or employees sick. It is VITAL to have someone in your
organization to check temperatures to assure that food is safe. The proper holding and
serving temperature is 140 degrees f. PREMIER CATERING has the food science
knowledge and the equipment to guarantee hot food to be hot and safe.

CAN YOU AFFORD to be embarrassed by poor service or mediocre food at your
next event?
It is too late to find out that you chose the wrong caterer once you have inspected the
buffet. PREMIER CATERING has catered full service events for over 1500 people and
an intimate dinner party for 8. We always please our clients and their guests. We are
fanatical about quality foods and superior service. Just ask our clients who have decided to
only use PREMIER CATERING as their exclusive caterer.

HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN to your guests or your members that you saved $1.00, if
the event is an embarrassment to your organization? I would much rather explain the price
than apologize for disappointing event. The fact is, our prices are usually lower for
identical events. When we are higher, there is always a significant difference in the
quality. We will happily explain the differences.

WHAT IF YOU RUN OUT OF FOOD? Good question! It is a question that
PREMIER CATERING does not want to have to answer, so we do not run out! It is
important that you give the caterer the maximum number of people expected so they can
prepare for that number. A PREMIER CATERING buffet has ample food, even for the
guests at the end of the line! Many other caterers have lower portions which increases the
chances of running out!

the same on the surface. EVERY bid we have lost due to price, the client found out too
late that the cheaper caterer was not providing the same service, quantity or quality of
food. Always talk to Premier Catering. We will not allow a bid to be lost because of

There are so many factors and variables that the average person cannot know what to ask.
We are happy to help you plan your menu and write the specifications for you. We will
not let you forget anything. You are assured of a successful event when PREMIER
CATERING is handling the details!

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