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Posted by Claudia's Kitchen on May 19, 19101 at 13:44:42 :

In Reply to: Re: pricing by the platter posted by sam sears, cec on May 18, 19101 at 20:30:07 :

Exactly. However, in this case this is the first time out with this guy and he is one of the top decorators in the country; could mean future work. I don't like this kind of pricing either, but I don't feel I can take a tough line with this particular client. (yet) So - how to do it? If I triple my estimated costs on that tenderloin for example, including garnishes it would be $150 a platter. Doesn't that sound astronomical? I'd love to make it work so that it is the same ($40 pp which was a steal of a deal anyway) or even more. I don't want him think he is saving money. Also, with this kind of pricing, I still need to demand a date certain for numbers, whether it is platters or people.

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