Illegal Caterers

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Posted by Carl Jones, Premier Catering on December 11, 1997 at 00:19:09 :

i know this may step on some toes, but i agree
wholeheartedly with the state laws that make it
difficult for people to cater out of their homes...

a home based caterer has no real overhead, most cant get
liability insurance, nor a health permit... they have the
ability to underprice the market, making it hard on us.

many times they dont underprice because they have lower
costs, they do because they are ignorant.. and they lose
money and eventually go out of business, but in the
meantime, they have taken some business from me
and have created doubt in the mind of the consumer as to
the proper pricing of catered meal....

I say, make it impossible for someone to cater without
proper license and have tough standards for issuing

what do you think??/?

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