Re: Management Experience in what?

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Posted by Carl Jones on August 27, 1998 at 00:38:33 :

In Reply to: Re: Management Experience in what? posted by Fayanna on August 26, 1998 at 12:00:18 :

: : : I'd like to say that I found this site by shear accident. Initially I thought
: it was very helpful. I've read a lot of your responses to inquiries and you have
: been very rude and sarcastic. I don't have to qualify according
: to "your" standards as far as my capabilities to manage this business
: or any other. Who died and made you "God Caterer"? EVERY BUSINESS
: HAS A STARTING POINT. We are not so inexperienced that we are going
: to invest in a venture that we have no clue as to what the needs
: and consequences may be. If your business is so successful, how do
: you have so much time to reply to these postings with your insults.
: You sound like a "want-to-be" successful entrepreneur.
: Keep your sarcastic opinions to yourself.

Response from Carl :

Point One: This is a free country, I have a right to free speech,
this is a public forum, I have a right to post, as do you.....

Point Two: I was not being sarcastic, I was very serious

Point Three: I have been in this business for 18 years, while I may not
be a "God Caterer", I do know this business. If you don't like my opinions
then debate with me, don't attack me personally, You don't know me.

Point Four: I have so much time to reply to post with my "insults"
BECAUSE I AM so successful.... I have had countless caterers reply to my
advice personally, for the most part, I have received thanks... Many have even
called me. I have travelled to other cities to consult with up and coming caterers
at NO CHARGE. I believe that I have a responsibility to give back to this
profession, since virtually all I know about this business, I learned from others
who were kind enought to share with me as I was getting started.

Point Five: I am blunt and straight forward, and yes somewhat arrogant.... I apologize
for that, I certainly don't intend to be this way, I am working on it, but not doing too
well.... I have seen too many people lose money in this business due to lack of proper training/planning...

Point Six: I was responding directly to your question and Gerald's on target advice to you....
The problem with sites such as this, we don't always have time to sugar coat our responses, we assume we are talking with other professionals who are not intimidated by bluntness and sarcastic metaphors (playing the harp)

In the spirit of my true feelings, I wish you the best and will try to be
less offensive.... I will be happy to answer any questions you have, or I will not respond to your question and let others advise you, if you wish....


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