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Posted by Boobi on April 19, 1997 at 22:30:45 :

In Reply to: Buffet Ideas posted by CRISPY'S CATERING on April 17, 1997 at 22:49:53 :

: I am scheduled to Cater a dinner for about 200 people and my client wants to offer a "Buffet Dinner"
: to our guests, however they do not want the guests to get up to serve themselves.
: Essentially what they want is for us to serve the guests their dinner in a setted fashion vs "Buffet".
: Any suggestions on how we can accept menu selections without wasting too much time ?

Offer potatoes,veggies,chicken,filet mignon,fish. Have the waiters take the orders for only two people at a time and then go to the buffet line where the staff will mount the plate.
Bring the plate to the table with the potatoe and veggies already mounted and behind follows another waiter with a selection of the main on a tray.

For 200 people you will need about 12 waiters for the table service plus about 8 staff on the buffet line.


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