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Posted by Karen Bruner Upright on May 12, 1998 at 23:32:24 :

I just picked up a small catering job that a colleague dropped. I have two concerns.

The first is that they dropped this small job (under $1,000) because they got a *big* job. I have never dropped a job after I have agreed to do it. Do any of you and if so, under what circumstances? (I imagine if the new, bigger job were so important to me, I would have subcontracted out some of the work to satisfy both customers.)

The second is that the original catering proposal included crab dip. Not a problem until you consider that this is an open house type deal, not staffed, from set up to close is over 6 hours. Any of you want to eat crab dip that's been sitting out for 6 hours? Count me out! In my proposal to the client, I mentioned my concerns about the timing and how I planned to get around it. Thought it might make her happy to know I was interested in her health. YIKES!


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